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Manfred Sideous' Super Rework?
« on: March 22, 2015, 03:52:12 PM »
Quote from: Manfred Sideous
Hello fellow Eve junkies and theory crafters.  First I want to say thank you for all the support and votes for CSMX.  I am in awe and humbled by all the support.  This has only emboldened me to work harder and strive to make a positive impact on Eve in representation to those have put me in this position.  So I wanted to make this thread before I was given my CSM credentials or subject to any possible constraints of NDA ( Non Disclosure Agreement).

I think it is smart to start this conversation now. I started a similar thread sometime well before Phoebe Force Projection changes.  We need to get a head of the curve that will be the revision of Capitals and SuperCapitals.  I would like to think that if nothing else my last thread gave CCP Developers more information and who knows perhaps a few ideas to make informed decisions.  I was really happy about the last thread ( The link to that thread is HERE ). The discussion was very civil and constructive.  I am sure we can all create that outcome again with this topic.

   So with SOV 5.0 coming summer 2015 this effectively renders Capitals and SuperCapitals irrelevant to the battlefield with just a few  fringe exceptions.  Furthermore Capitals and especially SuperCapitals have been very out of balance for a long time. CCP has been waiting for the right time or perhaps an catalyst that warrants development time to take up this hard and difficult task.  Sov 5.0 is the very catalyst needed to springboard Capitals & Supercapitals higher up on the priority list for developer attention.

 I am going to paraphrase a few things CCP Developers have said recently please forgive me if the quotes are not exact.
CCP Seagull said in the Eve Keynote this year that " CCP wants capitals and supercapitals to have important , relevant & unique value".  CCP Fozzie said on Eve Down Under "We want to see a environment where capitals and supercapitals are present in the battlefield in a balanced but impactful presence".  From this it's easy to deduce that CCP wants players to strive to obtain them use them and kill them.  That they wanting us to do these things will be for good and relevant reasons.

 So without further Adieu lets get talking about it.  What don't you like about Capitals and Supers?  What do you life?  What do you think should change?  If you were given the developers brush what would you do?  Be creative but within the bounds of practicality.  I have a idea ill post and by no means do I think that I necessarily have the answer but who knows maybe I do or maybe a portion of the answer. Please be respectful of eachother and try to remain positive.  It's completely cool to disagree with someone or a position they take or a idea the suggest but try to do so constructively.


Quote from: Manfred Sideous

Modes would be a new mechanic for all capital and supercapital ships. Mode bonuses will vary based on Ship Class and Race.  The overarching strategy would be to make capitals very flexible and able to perform in a multitude of roles but not all roles at once. Each mode will have bonuses and penalties.  Furthermore swapping modes will take a longer time on capitals and even longer on supercapitals.  Mode skills are a possibility with supplementary skills to affect mode change time.

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